“Psychological training for self-knowledge and reflection”

Association teaches women in business for successful leadership, human resource care and financial discipline.
The next seminar was held on 15 and 16.05.2015., business ladies from the Enterprise of Entrepreneurs took part in it.
Of great interest were topics such as “Self-knowledge – a powerful tool for success and happiness”; Leadership – learning by experience .; Emotional maps and messages – moderated by psychologists Mrs. Stamova and Mrs. Krumova.
There was also an open discussion on “The magic to rule, to lead, to take responsibility and to be a leader”.
The training allowed participants to look at themselves. As we know, every person is a universe, and like every universe he possesses riches, capabilities, resources, secrets, mysteries, laws and forces to obey. The better we know our universe, the better we get to know the people around us, it also makes us better leaders. Being a leader means  to take responsibility, to be on several levels more organized, more innovative and motivate the others in your team.