Heroes are between us

During the third Public Forum, the prize “Decent Varna girl”was received by:  Kichka Hristova – music teacher, head of children’s folk compositions prominent artist in folk singing and prominent public figure.

Zlatina Doneva – President of GAFTA – International Association of Trade grain and feed.

Stella Eneva – Paralympic champion in discus throw and shot put.

Vanuhi Arakelyan – President of the Court of Appeal – Varna, 2014 Chairman of the Varna District Court, proponent of the construction of the Courthouse in Varna and administrator of a number of projects in the justice system.

Marina Kornovski – founder of the Rotary movement in Bulgaria and club women Rotarians Inner Will, public figure, and zastapnichka follower of the female cause of equality and combating violence.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Penka Stoyanova – a longtime professor at the Technical University – Varna, founder and executive director of the non-profit organization “Gavroche” Social Manager of the cause of Roma Inclusion, Head of successful and large-scale social projects.

In the 21st century enterprising are underway

For the XI year Association “To Preserve the Woman” and Municipality Varna conduct the competition “Woman entrepreneur and manager of the year” Every year a special jury nominated the most prominent women owners and managers of small and medium private businesses.

As a result was created the Society of Women Entrepreneurs with over 300 companies managed by women.

Prizes were awarded to:

Emiliq Angelova – „Woman-entrepreneur“– Owner of Libra Graoup OOD

Milena Colchovska – „Woman-manager“– Administative Director of Interservice Uzunovi AD

Jeni Kostova – Manager in the field of Healthcare

Mirqna Yordanova – DKS 1 “St. Clementine”- Varna

Dr. Janina Ivanova – Principal Medical at RTSTH – Varna

Stoyanka Guncheva – Founder of Children’s Art Centre “Arlekin”

Mariq Georgieva – Fellow at  University of Economics – Varna

Ginka Radeva – Owner of Private Kindergarten “Friends”

Petq Subeva – Manager of the Association of Young psychologists in Bulgaria


The main objective of the competition is to stimulate the activity of women in the management, to promote their successes and to present patterns of social behavior worthy of imitation.

Association “To Preserve the Woman” held with the ladies seminars, trainings on legal, financial and psychological aspects of the business.