The Sensory World of Autistic Lecture with Lyubomira Manolova – Special Educator

Autism spectrum disorders are affecting more and more children. They are characterized by three major deviations: in the sphere of social relations, in communication and in behavior.
On 02.02.2019, in the Intergenerational Center at the Association “To preserve the woman” Varna an open discussion was organized on the topic “Sensory World of Autism” with the lead teacher-specialist Lyubomira Manolova. Many specialists, parents and teachers participated.
Through the prism of her years of experience with children with ASD, Ms. Manolova has convincingly exposed the wide range of sensory manifestations. Many helpful tips were given to parents on how to understand their children’s specific needs, how to support them and stimulate their personal development.
Speech therapist Ms Lazarova placed an emphasis on early intervention in relation to speech difficulties.
A preview of the new autistic childcare center was presented by Eng. Teodora Paprikova – Team Leader at CSRI Impulse.
“Children live in their own world, it is not our world. We adults with a lot of patience, professionalism and love, must penetrate their emotions and perceptions, needs and opportunities in order to be able to support them effectively, ”said Dr. Yordanka Nencheva. She announced that the space designed to support autistic children and their families has been refurbished, adapted and equipped only with the help of donors sharing the cause. A donation campaign has been launched for the furnishing of a sensory room, rehabilitation and occupational therapy room.
For three years the Association has been working on projects supporting 30 children, 60 parents and guardians. A motivated team of social managers and workers has been created. Specialists were recruited: pediatric neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, special educator, speech therapist, hydrotherapist, art, music therapist who with high expertise achieved good results in working with children and parents.
The activity of the Association focuses on three main areas: health-medical, counseling, social-therapeutic support and educational work with children.
Three thematic cycles of advisory and informative nature are planned.
At the Intergenerational Center on Kavala Street No.1-A on February 23, 2019, from 10: 00h. an open discussion will be held on the problems of the speech disorders of autistic children.
In March, the discussion will be moderated by three psychologists.
An advisory room with psychologists Mariela Ruseva and Vesela Fajeva functions in the center.
Association to Keep the Woman is licensed by the State Agency for the Protection of the Child, to work with children and to provide the social service Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Autistic Children and Their Families.
In this process, the moral and financial support of Varna Municipality and the Social Activities Directorate is serious.
Association “Keeping the Woman” counts on and expects broad public and media support for the accomplishment of the noble cause “Together to support the unique children” of Varna.

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