Discussion “Are the cultural traditions alive in Varna”

Yesterday in the Intergenerational Center at 1-A Kavala Street a round table was held on the topic “Are cultural traditions alive in Varna” under the project “Intergenerational Creative Studios-Varna, 2018″, funded by Varna Municipality, Municipal Culture Fund Session II. It was attended by citizens of different ages, education and social background. The discussion took the form of a discussion with moderator Dr. Yordanka Nencheva, President of the  Association. The importance of national, cultural and historical heritage in contemporary models of behavior and education was shared. A parallel was drawn with the European and Western model of education and training. The attendees spoke with excitement about how the educational system was born in Varna, the creation of the Maria Louisa State High School, the significant cultural and festivals, the Varna Summer Competitions, the Ballet Competition and more.

Kindergarten teachers “I am Bulgarian” shared innovative models in pre-school education that apply to the upbringing of children.

The project manager  Theodora Paprikova shared the results of the project, which started on July 1 and lasts until November 30.

The creative workshops were held during the summer vacation, which was filled with activities at the Intergenerational Center and the equipped Bulgarian Recreation Court. Within 5 months the court held weekly free art therapy sessions, painting, applique, applied arts, jewelry making, photo collages, working with plastic materials, bread kneading, painting mussels and more. Three generations worked, studied, created and had fun together. Friendships and lasting contacts have been established with the volunteers working on the project.

The broken links between family and school, the emigration of color by our nation’s young people, as well as our delusional wickedness, immorality and criminality were shared with great concern.

The Association has been implementing the activities of the Second Generation Creative Studios project for the second year. The results show that the Bulgarian culture and traditions are alive and passed down from generation to generation.