Smile therapy for adults


The people survived because they laughed.
Smile therapy for adults

Traditionally on April 1st, the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration Impulse held a celebration of laughter, humor and joke day. The ladies were subjected to a high dose of laughter and joy.
“Laughter is Health” was the motto of today’s first April celebration organized by women in the Smiletherapy from Impulse Center. Under the guidance of psychologist Vessela Fazheva and Dimitritsa Dincheva, they have prepared a real cascade of emotions for the beneficiaries of the Center. In the presence of Prof. Zlateva from “Life without alcohol”, women showed positivism and  motivation for a better and more active life.
The team of Association “To preserve the Woman”  and Impulse Center surprised their beneficiaries with their participation in an attractive retro-style dramatization with the author and director Ms. Yordanka Nencheva.
Vesela Fajeva and her enthusiastic group have demonstrated some of their exercises included in humor and laughter therapy.
The message that organizers make to everyone is: Laughter is the most effective and easy way to shake the door of stress and illness.
“Do Good – Make Someone Smile”.

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