Workshop on the SILO project with art practitioners

Association “To preserve the woman” trains socially excluded women in
arts and crafts under the SILO project with five partner organizations from  European Union.
In Impulse Gallery was made a discussion on the SILO project with practitioners of art specialists and experts from the team of the Association. For  trainings we are engaged artist, musician, photographer,  designer,  manager etc. The participants in the meeting were informed by Project Manager Yordanka Nencheva about the objectives of the project.
Rositsa Ivanova, Project Coordinator, held a discussion on a questionnaire on the model of work with art practitioners, which is part of the future methodology for working with socially excluded groups under the SILO project. The informal discussion brought forth interesting ideas and suggestions that will be used to achieve efficiency in the training work with twenty beneficiaries.
The social skills of both groups trainers and beneficiaries will be validated.
In all European countries, skills are validated under the European Qualifications Framework. The association has the chance to be among the first to transfer European positive practice.

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