Mission and goals

  cropped-emblemavertcl-copy.jpgAssociation “To Preserve the Woman” is a voluntary association, entity-profit, registered under the Law on Legal Persons with Non-Profit /LLPNP/. The Association conducts its business in private benefit.


Priorities of work are related to the implementation of the basic objective of the formation of modern attitudes and patterns of development and full participation of women in the family, household, business and society.
To achieve its objectives the Association undertakes the following activities:

  • Supports the woman and family to keep the Bulgarian virtues, values and traditions in accordance with European standards.
  • Promotes female initiative and entrepreneurship for a successful business and limitation of women’s unemployment.
  • Organizes training courses, workshops, competitions, public discussions, roundtables, surveys, analysis and workshops to full employability of women as entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in today’s economic conditions, both in private and public sector, according to European standards.
  • Creates and maintains contacts, works on projects in partnership with other non-profit organizations with similar areas of interest.
  • Organizes wide health education and culture to achieve a healthy lifestyle for girls and women.
    Disseminates information on current health, social, legal and economic issues associated with the family and the woman.
  • Plans and organizes events related to the fight against smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction for adolescents and youth.
  • Carries out health and educational activities relating to contraception, infertility and family planning as well as prevention of socially significant diseases among girls and women.
  • Implements programs and projects financed by European, international and national funds as well as state and public bodies to solve the social, economic, professional, moral, ethical problems of girls and women in Bulgaria.
  • Activates women to participate in the process of gender mainstreaming in the fields of management, business and family.
  • Mobilizes women to participate actively in the change of public model for care of children and youth.
    Promotes positive images of worthy women – mothers, wives, women with active citizenship – as a role model, through printed materials, through the media, through competitions, forums and forms.
  • Organizes fundraising, charity, donation and sponsorship initiatives with other organizations, public and private companies. Advocates and promotes activities of the Association in Varna region, Bulgaria and the European Union.
  • Cooperates and is a member of international, European, national authorities and organizations that meet the objectives of the Association.