Completed projects

Since its establishment until now the Association “To Preserve the Woman” has been working successfully on projects related to the social life of Varna and the region. Moreover, parallel to this, it has been working on programs and projects aimed at the active involvement of women in society and promotion of social entrepreneurship as follows:

  • Project: “Alternative for Social and Professional Adaptation of Unemployed Medical Specialists”. 60 unemployed nurses are trained to care for children and adults in their own homes, funded by the Foundation “Opened Society” to the total value of 8000 leva.
  • Project: “A Renaissance Woman” – as a result of which an Informational Centre for women in the office of the Association.
  • Project: “Support for Women in Business” includes a training programme and start of a local competition “Female Entrepreneur and Managers of the Year”. In June 2011 will be hold its 10th
  • Project: “An Informational Center for Women Entrepreneurs” – a modular training to women in the business of Varna in the spheres of tourism, health, services, etc. It is financed by Foundation “Open Society” to the total value of 10 000 leva.
  • Project: “Support of young girls who are at a professional crossroad” – it was launched in partnership with the Municipality Provadia and financed by the Foundation “Open Society” at the value of 7 000 leva. 40 unemployed girls were trained and certificated to start a private business. Of these, 5 have started their own business and 10 have been employed.
  • Project: “Daily Centre for Social Contacts for Disabled Women” – financed by the Municipality of Varna with the total amount of 3 000leva.

In 2005:

  1. Contract along project direction № 3 Support of Young Girls of a Professional Crossroad – Social Integration and Promotion of Inclusion in the Labor Market”. A contractor was the Municipality Varna with financing of 4 000 leva.

In 2006:

  1.  Contract for a Lot (individual position) № 7 –Services for Social Integration to the Labor Market of Young Girls and Women who are Studying at the Last Class of High School”. It was assigned from the Varna Municipality tothe total amount of11 670
  1.  Contract along direction №10 – Legal Clinic for Disabled Women” bycontracting theMunicipality of Varna to the value of 3 000
  1.  Contract on the project Provision of Services at the Daily Centre for Elderly Women”. A contractor was the Municipality of Varna to the value of 6 660

In 2007:

  1.  Contract on the project Psychological support for social integration of girls and young women with hearing disabilities”. A contractor was the Municipalityof Varna to the amount of2 990
  1. Contract for a Lot № 3 – Learning Services for Social Integration and Adaptation to the Labor Market of 25 disadvantaged girls living in the territory of the Municipality of Varna, studying in last class of high school”. A contractor was the Varna Municipality to the total value of14 770
  1. Contract for a Lot № 3 – Programme for Development of Services at a Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Elderly Women at the territory of the Municipality of Varna with a capacity of 25 places”. A contractor was the Municipality of Varna with the total amount of14 795

In 2008:

  1.  Contract for a Lot № 4 – “Programme for Prevention of Social Isolation of disadvantaged girls learning in secondary schools in the area of the Municipality of Varna”. A contractor was the Varna Municipality to the total value of 16 660
  1.  Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Elderly Women” with a capacity of 45 A contractor was the Municipality of Varna with the total amount of 101 385 leva.

In 2009:

  1.  A new model of public care was created for children at the age of 3 to 6 years without parents. The model was implemented at the “Drugarche” Centre for Children Deprived from Parental Care and provided from the elderly women from “Impulse” Centre. A contractor was the Municipality of Varna with the amount of 5 000 leva.

In 2010:

  1.  Social Services for Girls and Boys with Disabilities from the Socio-Educational Professional Centre “Anastasia Jelezkova”–Varna. The social services aimed at the development of youth interest and the opportunities for providing a full and independent life. The Municipality of Varna was the contracting party with the funding of 5 000 leva.
  1.  Useful and Active during the Summer Holidays” one project stimulating youth activity and initiative to build and develop social skills of children with poor eyesight. A contract was made with the Municipality of Varna to the total value of 5 000 leva.

In 2011:

13. PROJECT No 518564-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP “E.T.O.S. Effective Training for the Outsiders of the Society”

In 2012:


The Association administers a Public Forum A Worthy Varna Woman”. Annually organizes charity events to help children – orphans, disadvantaged women and children, elderly and lonely people. It also produces charity raffles, a motor rally for charity donations, a spring and an autumn bazaar for exchange of second-hand clothing.

The Association “To Preserve the Woman” guarantees and achieves sustainable and effective project results for each project it has been developed and worked on it until now, which makes it necessary and reliable partner.

 In 2016:

15. Care for talanted children.

Through the project “Creative children’s workshop”, supported by Donation Fund Varna we were searching for talents in children. We teach them to draw, sing, dance, write poetry, to weave on a loom and other traditional Bulgarian crafts. These activities provide them with satisfaction, rationalizing their free  time gave them new knowledge, formed a useful skill. We believe that Bulgarian children bear a unique gene of explorers and conquerors, and we will continue to dedicate to them our efforts and love will and professionalism

16. Support for young single mothers with children at the age under 3 years

          Young single mothers were the subject of our project work. We tracked 25 pregnant women and single mothers at risk, trained them, motivate them  for work and private life, won their confidence, their friendship. We      certified their new knowledge and skills with the support of Directorate “Education and Youth Activities” of the Municipality Varna and the Bureau of Labor – Varna.

17. Bridge Between Generations

Building a bridge between generations,  is as needed here and now for the continuity of the Bulgarian spirit and values, customs and traditions.

The “Bridge between generations through culture, spirituality and traditions” supported by the “cultural and spiritual development” Varna Municipality ignite the patriotism of Bulgarians of old and new time. Children from kindergarten to the silver generation veterans of labor, took part in craft workshops, exhibitions charity bazaars, singing, dancing, Bulgarian cuisine, music and humor.

VII creative artistic exhibition “Learning to Fly” made by children and adults with their paintings.

Delight for the soul of over 500 people deliver Spectacular “Let us build bridges between the generations as a bridge to the future.” The final event analyze the leading role of women in the preservation and transmission of Bulgarian traditions, customs and culture through the centuries until today. Had outlined the role and contribution of hundreds of prominent women from Varna , contributed to the stability of all Bulgarian and native.