Society of Women Entrepreneurs


The main things that unites all members of the Society of Women Entrepreneurs are their interests and needs. To create more favorable conditions for businesses and business communications. To assist women to start private business and sustainable development. To train and to develop in the management and marketing of the business. To create a lobby of prominent women in business with a strong unity and mutual support. To spend together pleasant and useful time by its own aesthetic pursuits, sports and tourism, and charity activities.


Nearly 250 companies in Varna are headed by women;

More than 15 000 professionals and employees are guided by women;
21% of these companies praised Bulgaria and Varna in tourism;
16% produce goods and services;
27% are construction industry;
19% are advertising and media agencies and companies for PR;
37%  are trading.


Association “To preserve the women” together with women from the Society of Women Entrepreneurs are organizing forums “Decent Varna woman”, “Women for Varna”, “Varna for women”, “Young business innovators”; semminars, trainings, trips,  anniversaries of companies, and other holidays. 

This creates a cohesive women’s business lobby, which participates in the life of the organization.