The Association is a member of the Public Council for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, which includes NGOs working to support people with disabilities and their families. She is also a member of the Public Council for Equality between Women and Men – Varna, which includes 15 non-governmental organizations working on the issues of women, children and the family.

For its twenty years, the Association has established a network of supportive organizations and companies. Successfully teamed with Varna Municipality to implement the Social Agenda.



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1. Directorate “Social Activities and Housing Policy” – Municipality of Varna.
2. Regional and Municipal Social Assistance Directorates at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.
3. Regional Health Insurance Fund.
4. Chamber of Craftsmen.
5. Medical University and Medical College – Varna.
6. Beside the masters.
7. Drama Theater and National Opera.
8. Ethnographic museum and museum of revival.
9. Tourist company “Rodni balkani”.
11. Active – Art Gallery.
12. Volunteer Club.
13. Center for Psychological Support and Hand-Hunting Prevention.
14. Festival and Congress Center.
15. Rotary Club.
16. Christine Dagwell – England.

17. Newspaper “Pozvanete”